Campi Bisenzio: from gardens to community bread

Crowdfunding project to buy an oven
The urban gardens are one year old. In fact, for 12 months there has been the assignment to those who had requested it and now the aim is to increase the vocation of a community place of the gardens themselves.

In fact, crowdfunding (ie a fundraising) was opened with the collaboration of Credit Agricole which guaranteed, in case of achieving 5,000 euros, to double the amount available to urban gardens. A great opportunity that both the associations and the Municipality do not want to let go to improve the equipment of this important project.

Urban gardens are part of the “100,000 orti” initiative of the Tuscany Region and are in concession to the Urban Ca.Re association, which is constantly committed to making social gardens a unique and dynamic space for the city and citizens of Campi Bisenzio.

The social gardens offer a multifaceted meeting place, in which to rediscover agricultural, environmental and social values, enhance the territory, but also promote the conservation of plant species, provide fresh food products for personal use, encourage use and knowledge of typical products and finally enhance the presence of local associations to activate participation processes.

In this year of life, many activities have already been carried out, which involved the assignees, but also people of different ages and different social contexts The gardens have therefore assumed a strong social value in facilitating integration, a value that would be even greater if it were possible to buy the community oven, which would allow bread-making, thus offering citizens an additional point of aggregation, exchange and sharing.

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