Commoning glossary 2nd release

During the second JSTE in Fagaras, the participants were invited to develop the previous release of the glossary and add words coming from the reflactions related to the good practices visited. So we finded new definitions for the words already found out and new words really rooted in the commoning practices.

We can consider the 2nd JSTE in Fagaras, Romania, as a second step toward our project’s goals. We started from words in Italy, we passed to the actions in Romania. From the institutions and organizations point of view we really experienced the citizens as the center point of the commoning process. We really thanks Hanne Van Reusel (participant from Bral organization) that shared with us a small part of her doctorate thesis on the topic of commoning and we use this as an introduction of this second step and for further chapters of this release.
She starts from the notion of Commons of the commoners of Josaphat (good practice from Belgium that you could find on our booklet) (2017) “Everywhere in the city people come together to experiment with new ways of community living. Food teams, cohousing projects, self-managed nurseries, community land trusts, community gardens, sustainable neighborhoods, LETS-communities, energy cooperatives, groups of people that consider alternatives and work on various themes such as water management, food production, money, labor, or software.

Here you find the Commoning glossary – second release.

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