September 19, 2022 - September 23, 2022
14:00 - 18:00

The JSTE title: “Commons management in Fagaras Microregion: how to start and regulate the cooperation among private and public in urban and rural areas”.

The JSTE hosted by the Municipality of Făgăraș aims at seeing how commons are managed in Romania and in particular in Făgăraș Microregion formerly known as Făgăraș County. Făgăraș County is located in the central part of Romania, in the southeastern part of Transylvania, its territory being now mostly included in Brașov County, while its western part belongs now to Sibiu County.

This training event aims at visiting urban and rural public administrations and citizens’ organizations that are involved in urban and rural commons management. The training programme will be developed for the people conducting the mobility.

The participants from the partners’ organization attending the JSTE bring the results back to their own countries, among their colleagues or other institutions interested in its topics.

The JSTE C1 takes place in September 2022 at the venue of the Municipality of Făgăraș.

The management of common goods is particularly complex because within the groups of citizens involved there are no defined hierarchies and leadership therefore requires authority and considerable mediation skills. A constructive dialogue also requires similar skills also for the administrators and public officials involved.

The training sessions in Fagaras will help participants understand the relationships between different management processes in urban and rural areas, and as a means to examine best practice.

Participants will attempt to:

• Understand the range of contributors and contributions (positive and negative)

• Explore every-day policy and practice • Identify and examine innovative practice

• Suggest how approaches to managing external public space can be refined in the future. Participants will analyze initiatives within the participating organizations such as: Initiatives that involve the restructuring of the way public spaces are managed, towards more focus on joined-up action; Initiatives aimed at making existing resources go further, for example by adapting procurement practices; The creation of forums to involve the community and voluntary sector in deciding on public space strategies and actions; Initiatives involving partnerships with private sector organisations to fund and implement public spaces improvements; Initiatives involving the participation of the community in implementing public spaces policies, including neighbourhood schemes; The participants will visit the following good-practice practitioner’s institutions/venues: Făgăraş County Community Foundation (FCTF), Făgăraş Research Institute, REGEN Foundation, Drăguș Commune and other public administrations in rural areas in Făgăraş microregion.

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