April 4, 2021 - April 8, 2022
09:00 - 16:00
Campi Bisenzio

The JSTE hosted by the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio with the support of Biblioteca di Pace aims at seeing how commons are managed in the Metropolitan area of Florence.

This training event aims at visiting Public administrations and citizens’ organizations that are involved in commons management.

The training programme will be developed for the people conducting the mobility. The participants from the partners’ organization attending the JSTE will be in total at least 18, 3 from each partner. After the training they will bring the results back to their own countries, among their colleagues or other institutions interested in its topics.

The JSTE titles “Commons management in Italy: the example of the Metropolitan area of Florence”. Concerning the methodology the JSTE will combine Open Space discussions, workshops and visits to good practices practitioners on-site. This JSTE will be monitored in the Transnational Meeting M3 to make a first summary of the lessons learned in the project up to this period.

The focus of the Open Space discussions and workshops goes around the heading “ The personnel, qualification challenges, management and operation of a Common”. The management of common goods is particularly complex because within the groups of citizens involved there are no defined hierarchies and leadership therefore requires authority and considerable mediation skills. A constructive dialogue also requires similar skills also for the administrators and public officials involved.

The following items are in the focus of such discussions and workshops:

– General recommendations.

– General experiences and good practices from projects related to the citizens’ engagement, active participation, open dialogue with public authorities at local and regional levels.

– Hints and tricks arising from realised qualifications and/or trainings in the matter of equal opportunities, adult education, personal development.

– Knowledge from realized initiatives oriented to socio labour integration.

– Curricula, guidelines, recommendation that aim to train such topics like leadership and communication, social and managerial skills, emotional intelligence, human resources and coaching, developed for the management.

– Experiences from the collaboration with the National government and councils in the development of Commons management policies meant to create working places, including aspects of equality, gender mainstreaming, non-discrimination and environmental sustainability. The participants will visit the following good-practice practitioner’s institutions/venues:

– The Municipality of Campi Bisenzio to present the most innovative educational methodologies and tools used in projct’s sector, such as “La casa dell’acqua” and “L’Emporio della solidarietà” project – Il Giardino di Nidiaci in the city centre of Florence – Mondeggi experience

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