Successful experiences in Campi Bisenzio

The team of the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio in these months has worked at collecting local experiences of commons’ management to be included in the Project Collection of Initiatives.

They proposed the following initiatives which are located in Campi Bisenzio:

  1. Patti di Collaborazione / Collaboration agreements. They establish a collaboration between Public administration and citizens. In this way, citizens intend to take an active part in improving or better using a common good, for example gardens. It’s an innovative and highly transferable experience, because each volunteer can offer his/her talent for the community in a safe environment.
  2. Emporio Solidale. It’s a space, a meeting point for the community, where you can borrow tools and materials for some craft works.
  3. Casa dell’Acqua. It represents a space for the community. The most interesting aspect is the methodology used to organize a participative process to plan the activities and the management of a shared space among the Local administration and the stakeholders. 

At partnership level, the project’s partners appreciated the initiative related to the Collaboration agreements, so it was selected as good practice to be inserted in the collection document.

Moreover, a video interview will be conducted soon with the testimony of the Counselor Giorgia Salvatori.

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