The “Terme del Corallo” in Livorno, Italy: community beyond the abandon

Last week, the members of the Biblioteca di Pace and the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio met in Livorno together with their relatives who during these years of the project have been involved in the theme of common goods.

We had lunch in a very typical restaurant and then we visited a special place: the Terme del Corallo” guided by main change maker!

In the past this former early-20th-century Art Noveau-style spa complex was a bath area exploiting the salt waters, and then for many years it was a terrific case of abandon.

After its first abandon, no serious efforts were done in years to come behind this situation. But a compact, almost viral, approach was started, entering the area in an official way thanks to the Collaboration agreement signed with the municipality. A collective of active citizens started to clean the area and let it accessible. The aim is to put in evidence this wrong situation, and to promote a sensitization about the correct choice to be taken for this monument before this rare artistic place from the XX Century will get completely lost.

What was the result?

The Uffizi Gallery which will display its Collection of Renaissance Masterpieces across Italy as part of the new ‘Uffizi Diffusi’ Program, selected the Terme del Corallo in Livorno to become the “Uffizi of the sea”.

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